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As the nights draw in and we all inevitably speed towards Christmas, Autumn is a great time to take stock and make sure we are all in the best of health to weather the winter months ahead. We have been blessed with a lovely end to the Summer, a reprieve for those who dread the cold damp weather ahead, which can spell problems for those with chronic issues which are not well managed. With the wealth of experience at the Clinic, we are well placed to offer advice on numerous problems, so give our friendly Reception team a call or visit our website for more information.

(01373) 454595       www.naturalhealthfrome.co.uk



Introducing our New practitioners


Zoe Hawes, Medical Herbalist returns to the team, to hold a monthly clinic to support her busy practice in Somerset.


 Marguerite Mienie, an experienced registered homeopath, who in addition to the plethora of complaints treated through homeopathy, also specialises in the treatment of childhood Eczema. She joins us as a locum for Tess Chodan, who is in Australia for a 2 year sabbatical.


 Sorrel De La Hey, Sports masseur, and yoga instructor, is now seeing patients on Monday afternoons.




Homeopathy for Children

Whenever I need to treat my children for coughs, colds, fever, I have the tools I need right there to help me get them through, without the risk of side effects and with no need for anti-biotics. Over the years, I have watched as my children have become healthier and stronger and I find their attitude to health care interesting to watch as they naturally know that they have a choice in what they would like to put into their bodies.


Homeopathy is excellent for skin complaints. I have treated many different cases of eczema over the years that I have been in practice and I never cease to be amazed by how well it works when the remedy is right. Eczema is a terrible condition to have, especially for children and a very distressing one for both child and parent. Homeopathy helps to manage all the symptoms because it takes the entire picture into consideration. It helps to alleviate the emotional stress and the physical discomfort. Many parents are careful about the possible side effects and potential long term damage that steroid creams can cause and homeopathy offers a solid alternative, when coupled with sensible advice and sensitive management.


I have been practicing since 2007, qualified in 2009, in London and Somerset and now have the wonderful opportunity to cover for Frome’s resident homeopath, Tess Chodan, while she is away on sabbatical. Please get in touch if you have any questions, I can be contacted by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or find me at the Natural Health Clinic 01373 454 595


Osteopathy & Pregnancy



Many parents are aware of the benefits of osteopathic treatment for newborn infants, however the importance of osteopathic care for mothers during pregnancy and after birth is frequently undervalued.


The health of the mother during pregnancy is essential not only to the development of her growing baby but also to prepare her for birth, recovery from labour and for the physical demands of motherhood. During pregnancy a women’s body undergoes many physical and chemical changes to accommodate the developing baby, all within a relatively short space of time. These changes require the mother’s musculoskeletal system adapt quickly to the postural changes that occur due to the weight of the baby, waters and the placenta. The ability of the body to make these adaptations efficiently during pregnancy can be limited as the mother’s own resources are primarily directed to assisting the development of the baby.


Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy places emphasis on supporting the whole body health of the mother through gentle hands on manual treatment. Osteopathic treatment can help support the mother’s ability to adjust to the postural demands of pregnancy, ensuring that the mother is in optimal health prior to birth.


Birth is a very physically demanding process and the mechanical effects on the mother’s body, especially the pelvis and the lower back, can be immense. Caring for a newborn baby often means there is little time for physical recovery for the mother, which is essential to ensure she suffers no long term consequences following labour. Osteopathic treatment after birth can assist to restore mobility through the mother’s pelvis, lower back and surrounding soft tissues which may have been strained during labour. Treatment can also be supportive in helping mothers deal with the new demands that motherhood places on her body, such as with breastfeeding and carrying a growing baby!


The more comfortable and relaxed the mother, the easier it is to care for her newborn baby.

Happy mum, Happy baby and Happy dad!


All our osteopaths at Mendip family osteopaths are very experienced in pregnancy and post partum care. Feel free to give us a call for more information on 01373 454595 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it